27th Annual Golf Outing

What do lederhosen’s, the Sybaris and a guy on stilts all have in common? Well for starters they were all in attendance at our Golf Outing. On Friday, August 16th the sun was shining, the coolers were filled to the top with beer and our new and veteran golfers were making quite an entrance. The… Read more »

2019 Curve Ball Recap

On February 23rd, we held our Curve Ball event, benefiting the Gonzalez family and our partner charities. It was a night filled with curve balls, cocktails and a cause we can all get behind. Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne from a very special moving, smiling costume table. Talk about experiencing a unique… Read more »

Curve Ball Celebration Reception

On Thursday May 10th, we held our 4th annual charity reception at Tuscany in Oak Brook. This event wraps up our 25th year and allows us to recognize the hard work of board members, contributing donors and most importantly, we get to present our family and charity partners their checks. This year we raised over $105,000 and we… Read more »

2018 Curve Ball Recap

On February 24th, we held our Curve Ball event, celebrating 25 years as a charity. Our guest list was pretty serious this year. A leprechaun, bagpipers, Ron Kittle, Frank Sinatra & Staley Da Bear made an appearance just to name a few. As always, it was a night filled with curve balls, cocktails and a… Read more »

Meet the Lux Family

  In Spring of 2017 Jennifere and Mike found out that their son Tristan’s heart has a dilated aortic root with mitral valve leakage. Looking at other symptoms, Tristan’s cardiologist suggested having him see a Geneticist and tested for Marfan Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue holds all the… Read more »

25th Annual Golf Outing

Well it seems that after 25 years, we’ve still got it. On Friday, August 18th the sun was shining, the coolers were filled to the top with beer and skydivers made quite an entrance for the opening welcome ceremony. Our 25th Annual Golf Outing was in full swing. Oh and best dressed? Bob Lanigan. As every… Read more »

Cheers to Supporters & Success

On Thursday, May 11th, we held our 3rd Annual Charity Reception at Ditkas in Oak Brook. After our Curve Ball Event, we love getting together with our host families, partner charities and dedicated supporters for a night celebrating the successes of the year. We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our sponsors, donors… Read more »

Meet Colton & Pitt Hopkins

This month were lucky enough to have one of our 2017 Curve Ball host our families attend our board meeting. Colton Janeliunus was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PHS). This syndrome is so rare that he is one of only 350 people in the U.S with the syndrome and, as far as is publicly known, the single person in Illinois diagnosed with… Read more »

Golf Outing Par-Tee

  On Friday August 19th we held our 24th Annual Golf Outing and in classic One for the Kids fashion, it was a great time for a great cause. There were themed holes, trombones, Blackhawks goals and a full stocked bar that took us back to the days of Cheers. Norm would be proud. The day… Read more »

Supporter Spotlight: Delilah Pearson

What does the average 4 year old girl ask for on her birthday? Toys? Dolls to dress up? Well a sweet little girl named Delilah Pearson asked for some thing much more meaningful. Ryan and Liz Pearson recently sent us an extremely touching story about their daughter who, when asked what she wanted for her birthday, she said to help kids who need help. Anyone can make a difference… Read more »