Curve Ball Celebration Reception

On Thursday May 10th, we held our 4th annual charity reception at Tuscany in Oak Brook. This event wraps up our 25th year and allows us to recognize the hard work of board members, contributing donors and most importantly, we get to present our family and charity partners their checks. This year we raised over $105,000 and we couldn’t have done it without all of your help! 

One for the Kids President, Tim O’Malley started off the night with some kind words of appreciation for everyone in the room.

Eric Degnan had the honor of introducing Jen and Mike Lux, this year’s host family and one of the main reasons why our event was such a success. Jen spoke such kind words about this life changing experience for their family. “Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you.” We are so lucky to be able to help such amazing families such as the Lux’s and can’t wait to see what spectacular things Tristan does throughout his life!

Next up, Ed McMurray introduced Doug Hutchings and Dep Ahuja from Advocate Children’s Hospital. It was wonderful hearing how much our supporters are helping the tiny patients at Advocate. We can’t thank Advocate’s doctors and staff enough for all their care for these families!

Billy Bracken introduced Skinny Sheahan of Special Olympics. “There’s no one more dedicated to Special Olympics than Skinny.” We couldn’t agree more! Cheers to 50 years of Special Olympics!

This year’s “Step-Up Award” was given to Bob Lanigan. Not only is Bob’s attendance at our meetings as impressive as his golf outfits, but he continues to be a positive light and a constant laugh to the board and our host families. “It’s such a good group of people,”said Bob. “It’s a great time for a great cause and I love doing it.”


To close out the presentations, Phil Lukowski was chosen to talk about what One for the Kids means to him. “This is a just such a great group of people and there’s so many reasons to get together and help these families and our partner charities.” Cheers!

And of course, some of the crew gathered at Gibson’s after for a night cap because why end a Thursday night before 10pm?

Thanks again to everyone who came out and we look forward to an even more successful event next year!