2018 Curve Ball Recap

On February 24th, we held our Curve Ball event, celebrating 25 years as a charity. Our guest list was pretty serious this year. A leprechaun, bagpipers, Ron Kittle, Frank Sinatra & Staley Da Bear made an appearance just to name a few. As always, it was a night filled with curve balls, cocktails and a cause we can all get behind. 

In one room we had Mike Glennon along with Julie Lanigan making sure guests were greeted with vocals they wouldn’t forget. In the main ballroom, SunFallen was on stage and the silent auction was in full swing. Many guests flocked to the vodka Ice luge (always a hit) or entered our blow up Irish Pub, but you couldn’t help but think about the real reason we were all there-The Lux Family. All eyes were on Tristan this year, quite literally too because throughout the venue we placed Fatheads of him (which we think he loved).

Since this night is always filled with surprises, we had a group of bagpipers along with a leprechaun, because it’s never too early to start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day right? One of our favorite “curve balls” was the parade of mascots and if you weren’t there it is exactly like it sounds. We had mascots from Chicago Fire, The White Sox, The Wolves, The Bears and many others! Our board members were able to get a picture with them all (coming soon)!

Kevin Kickels and his best friend Staley Da Bear. Hey Now!

This year we were honoring Mike Magnusson and his company, Pinnacle Advertising for their outstanding support over the last 25 years. In OFTK fashion, this award couldn’t be a trophy or a frame-it had to be something unique and fun. Naturally, we awarded Mike with the Leg Lamp (yes, form The Christmas Story). Congrats to Mike and his team!


Cue “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” music and Ron Kittle taking the stage. This curve ball was spot on as Kittle threw wiffle balls into the crowd for guests to catch. Playyyy ball.

To close out the night we had the amazing and extremely talented Paul Windsor Orchestra! The dance floor was packed and it really was a great time for a great cause.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors and supporters who truly made this night a success! We can’t wait for the next 25 years!