The Cundiff Family

On October 12, 2016, Kathy & Eric Cundiff had triplets that arrived 4 months premature. They were immediately admitted to the NICU and required multiple procedures and surgeries. After 134… Read more »

The Ryan Family

Lucy (10) and Winnie (5) Ryan have an extremely rare form of mitochondrial disease which is a progressive disease that causes physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities. Experts have indicated that… Read more »

The Zwier Family

Beckham Zwier, 17 lives in Antioch, IL with his parents Bret and Nikki. After experiencing a healthy pregnancy, Beckham had been diagnosed with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, (ACC). This… Read more »

The Cerney Family

Gavin Cerney, a beautiful 9 year old boy, was born with severe autism, epilepsy and ataxia. This rare type of autism along with his others conditions has disabled him completely…. Read more »

The Gonzalez Family

Alex Gonzalez was born on November 12, 2012 via a quite normal pregnancy. However, at childbirth normal tests revealed that Alex had life threatening low platelet levels and he was… Read more »

The Lux Family

In Spring of 2017 we found out that our son Tristan’s heart has a dilated aortic root with leakage. Looking at other symptoms, Tristan’s cardiologist suggested having him tested for Marfan… Read more »

The Kud Family


Kayla was born on March 28, 2012 and welcomed into the family by her parents, John & Melissa (Rapp) Kud, and big sisters, Gianna & Aubrey. She is a beautiful… Read more »

Janowiak Family

Imagine losing your mother in your sophomore year of high school. Now imagine enduring the lose of your father during senior year and being faced with a life of complete… Read more »

Wilmot Family

In 2014 our host family is the Wilmots from Chicago’s Southside. Dan Wilmot, a Marist Alumni, was a hardworking Electrician at Meade Electric. Before having a family Dan served his… Read more »

Salverredy Family

In 2013, The Salverredy family of Darien was nominated and selected as the host family to partner with One for the Kids for our 5th Annual Cocktail Party. Julio and… Read more »