Janowiak Family

Imagine losing your mother in your sophomore year of high school. Now imagine enduring the lose of your father during senior year and being faced with a life of complete uncertainty. Meet the Janowiak boys from Indian Head Park, Illinois. Matt, 19, is a sophomore at Saint Louis University and a 2013 graduate of Fenwick High School. Phil, 17, is a senior at Lyons Township High School. Over the last two years, the boys tragically lost their mother to kidney disease and just recently lost their father to complications from a stroke. These two bright, talented and extremely likeable boys are stuck in an unfortunate situation with no money, no immediate family to live with in the neighborhood and a future that looks like an uphill battle at this pivotal time in their lives. Fortunately, the Stefanini family, a friend of the family, took the boys in so Phil can finish his senior year at LT and Matt has a place to stay when home from college.

We were able to have Phil and his uncle Jim Janowiak at our recent monthly board meeting held at Bella Bacinos in LaGrange. Phil is an exceptionally motivated high school senior who is already thinking about majoring in political science when he goes off to college. His dream job would be working as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Matt hopes to become a lawyer and is in the pre-law curriculum at SLU. The loss of both parents during this critical stage of funding their education is tragic and we are committed and ready to make a difference for these young boys. They have stressed their sincere gratitude for being nominated and can’t wait to help out with the fundraising efforts We have decided to change things up this year, starting with the name of our event. Our fundraiser will now be called “The Curve Ball. Thrown by One for the Kids.” Don’t worry; it will still be a great time for a great cause. Expect the unexpected. The event will be held on February 28, 2015 at the Hyatt Lodge/McDonalds Campus. We look forward to your continued support of One for the Kids.