The Cerney Family

Gavin Cerney, a beautiful 9 year old boy, was born with severe autism, epilepsy and ataxia. This rare type of autism along with his others conditions has disabled him completely. Gavin has never walked, talked or been able to communicate in any way. The medicine for his seizures help him slightly, but make him more lethargic. His joy of eating has also been taken from him as his inability to swallow correctly often placed him in the hospital with pneumonia. He is now fed with a feeding tube.

Gavin is in need of 24 hour care. His family continually gives him the best care possible while also raising their 18 month old daughter Gemma. Gavin has been to many hospitals and doctors including Mayo Clinic where at the age of 4 they finally received his diagnosis. It is a challenge this family has never given up on.

Ryan and Katy Cerney are strong, loving and committed parents to both Gavin and Gemma. They struggle daily with all the special needs -never complaining but remaining positive and grateful for help received from doctors, hospitals and family. But the costs have added up with no end in sight. 

The Cerney family needs our help. Together, we can make a difference for Gavin!