Curve Ball

Since the beginning, One for the Kids has relished the curve ball. Be it our slightly irreverent tag line, a great time for a great cause or the fact that our original logo was designed on a cocktail napkin, we haven’t exactly been cookie cutter. Curve balls at our golf outing have become legendary. They have ranged from skydivers to a mechanical bull and from the Heisman Trophy to a dunk tank. Reveling in the unexpected is quintessential One for the Kids.

The Curve Ball is about celebrating that fun and unpredictability and taking it to the next level for the benefit of a family in need each year along with our 2 partner charities, Advocate Children’s Heart Institute and Special Olympics Chicago. We have always had amazing entertainment that will have you dancing the night away.

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What should I wear?

You can get as dressed up as you want! Most women typically come in cocktail dresses and men have worn dress pants and a jacket. It’s your night out on the town, you’ll look fabulous!

When is the event?

February 29, 2020 at the Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds Campus. Tickets are $125 which includes a buffet-style dinner, drinks and a night of dancing

Who is the main beneficiary?

The Cerney family.

Gavin Cerney, a beautiful 9-year-old boy, was born with severe autism, epilepsy and ataxia. This rare type of autism along with his other conditions has disabled him completely. Gavin has never walked, talked or been able to communicate in any way.

Gavin is in need of 24 hour care. His family continually gives him the best care possible while also raising their 18 month old daughter Gemma.

Ryan and Katy Cerney are strong, loving and committed parents to both Gavin and Gemma. They struggle with all the special needs – never complaining but remaining positive and grateful for help received from doctors, hospitals and family. But the costs have added up with no end in sight.