Featured Article: Cocktail Party

This year is the 20th Anniversary of One For the Kids. A few years ago we began hosting an annual Cocktail party. This will be our fourth year and we are beyond excited! The tradition is that every year we elect a host family to be the main benefactor of our cocktail party fund raising. This year we have chosen the Cuiching family from Lemont. Check out our website for their family story and photographs from their journey.

Being a big anniversary for us we want to raise the bar. One For The Kids has enjoyed consistent growth as an organization from a few friends who wanted an excuse to get together and golf; to a booming group of successful men and women who have over the years acquired the contacts to make the unbelievable a reality. In these hard economic times many families are struggling to get by. When you add sick children and property issues to the mix, the unmanageable becomes the impossible. One For the Kids seeks to bridge this gap for one family every year.

Last year at our annual cocktail party we added new raffle features, such as the fishbowl auction. There were also large price raffle tickets with trips to Las Vegas, televisions, and best of all cash. All of that great stuff is back plus much, much more! We will again be holding the large raffle along with silent auction items and fish bowl raffles. Dont worry ladies, this year there are a lot more items we know that you will love. We upped our game this year and found an amazing live band, so we can all dance the night away to our favorite hits. Never fear they will take requests, so start your playlist now!

We will also have wine tasting, photo booths, and amazing food and beverages, for all. We have put together a short video, so everyone will be able to see how your generous donations are being used to help those in need. Consider this year our rebirth and renewing of our commitment to raise money and enjoying ourselves while helping others. Everything is easier to do when you are having fun.

Check out our links and photo galleries to see the interesting evening we will have in store for you. Our site also has photos of the Ellies Make-A-Wish cuisine with Disney and much more.