26th Annual Golf Outing

On Friday, August 17th the sun was shining (for most of the day), the coolers were filled to the top with beer and our new and veteran golfers were making quite an entrance. Our 26th Annual Golf Outing was in full swing. 

Co-chairman, Bob Lanigan began the morning by introducing our partner charities. “26 years of having a great time for a great cause and we have raised over $1.5 million through all of our events all thanks to your support and generosity.”said Bob. John Vincent beautifully sang The National Anthem to officially start the day. 

One of our favorite elements of the golf outing each year is having some of the athletes from Special Olympics Chicago come out to meet our supports and even give those golfers some tips on their game. This year was even more special than the last because they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary which is something we should all be proud of! Skinny Sheahan spoke some kinds words “With the money that this organization has raised, we have been able to expand our programs so much. We could never do this without you. You really do make a difference.”

Thank you to our two amazing partner charities, Advocate Children’s’ Heart Institute & Special Olympics Chicago!

As many of you know, we love to make the event bigger and better each year with different themed holes around the course. This year, our board members really stepped it up.

Giddy on up to the Four Gun Slinger’s Saloon where you can enjoy whiskey, live Country music, Carey Corn and obviously shoot NERF guns because what’s better than that? 

Remeber the Irish Pub from last year? Well some of our board members must’ve drank a few too many glasses of Guinness because it was twice the size this year. The perfect hot spot to enjoy a pint (and great location to be in during a final hole rain shower) Sláinte!

Just after you’ve enjoyed a nice glass of Guinness, hop in your golf cart and stop by the College Hole where you can play the biggest game of beer pong you’ve ever seen while reminiscing on the good old days. 

After you’ve played a round of that, your’re in for an amazing magic show aka you get to try the spectacular llusion Vodka. It’s pretty spectacular.

And of course, The Ultimate Bear’s Tailgate hole where the McMurray’s do it right and make sure you’ve heard the Bear’s Fight Song more than once. Hey now!

Thank you to our Co-chairs, Kevin Kickels, Tom Doyle and Bob Lanigan. You KNOCKED it out of the park and we appreciate all of your hard work! Thank you to all of sponsors, donors, golfers and Old Oak Country Club for the last 26 years of support. Cheers to the next 26!